Compensation and insurance issues

Compensation and insurance issues:

Compensation and insurance issues- dr badr
Compensation and insurance issues

In the current era, insurance against different types of risks is considered an urgent economic necessity,

and the area of ​​seeking assistance from insurance companies has expanded to cover potential risks for the benefit of companies and individuals,

and since the interest of the insured is often subject to conflict with the interest of the insurer (the insurance company).

Therefore, a dispute may often arise. Between the two parties when interpreting and implementing the terms of the insurance contract (the insurance policy),

so our center has been keen to provide legal aid to clients at the pre-issuance stage of the insurance policy by providing accurate advice at the right time and helping the client with traditional methods to obtain his rights whether the client is the insured (the insurance company ) Or the insured.

Whereas, the matter in requesting compensation does not depend on the relationship between the injured and the insurance company, but rather a risk that is not covered by insurance coverage may be realized. Therefore, our center spares no effort to provide specialized legal assistance to the client until he receives his right to compensation, who is obligated to him whoever is.

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