Criminal cases

Criminal cases:

Your luck – if you falter – may lead you to the Criminal Court, and you will become a defendant before the Kuwaiti judiciary, and this may be just because of a spontaneous act issued by you and you think that it is permissible in the State of Kuwait and it turns out that he is legally criminal.

In view of the unique conservative nature of the State of Kuwait and because of the multiplicity and great diversity of races and nationalities present on its land, and since accusing you or one of your relatives or friends in Kuwait is a grave matter. The public authorities deal with it firmly, and that accusation may result in a negative freedom penalty for that. It is not a matter of adventure.

Our clients are aware that our center deals with criminal cases with the highest level of seriousness, professionalism, and specialization. Our precedents and the acquittals we have obtained in terms of innocence for our clients are testimony to our excellence, so if you find yourself or one of your readers or friends in need of advice or defense in one of the complaints or cases Punishment, so remember that we are always at your side to support you and defend you.

Important note: The terms and conditions mentioned shall be applied exclusively in the contract between the client and our center. Nothing other than the contract’s requirements agreed upon between the two parties shall be taken into consideration.

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