Oil and gas contracts and disputes

Oil and gas contracts and disputes:

Since the emergence of the oil boom in the State of Kuwait and the Gulf states in general

Oil and gas contracts and disputes
Oil and gas contracts and disputes

international companies are competing with each other to work in this critical and central sector of the Kuwaiti economy

and where the government has thrown its weight in this sector by establishing the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation and establishing its affiliated oil companies, realizing the importance of this sector.

Therefore, relations have branched out, and transactions intertwined in this field and competition have become intense between many local and international companies.

The decisive intervention of the state in organizing this sector has resulted in the transactions and contracts of the oil sector becoming a great deal of complexity and diversity

especially about concession contracts or The allocation or lease of state property, as well as what is related to public and private tenders in this sector

which requires distinct specialized capabilities of the lawyers who deal with the examination of those disputes related to this central sector

which forms the backbone of the Kuwaiti economy. It includes branches pertaining to several different laws simultaneously.

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