The establishment of private universities in Kuwait

The establishment of private universities in Kuwait

The idea of private universities is based mainly on importing foreign education systems and curriculums whose reputation is worldwide. The concept of privet sector can constitute a rich academic experience for young people desiring higher education on the one hand, and also attract contributors and students, which eventually generates great profits for the private university on the other hand.

Kuwait Legislator issued the Law No. 34/2000 regarding the Establishment of Private Universities in Kuwait, where this law stipulated the establishment of what it called: the “Council of Private Universities” headed by the Minister of Higher Education and the membership of 8 members with expertise and specialization in higher education, and the law stipulated that these members should not have any direct or indirect contribution to any private university throughout the term of their membership (Article/2).

The powers of the Council of Private universities:

In addition to the authority to approve the establishment of universities in the private sector, the executive regulations of Law 34/2000 granted a set of powers to the Council of Private Universities during the university establishment stage, the most important of which are:

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